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Facts About Unicorns

Mythical creatures such as mermaids and the Cyclops have appeared in written stories and part of oral tradition for thousands of years. The animals may have special powers, and there's a lesson presented in each story. Unicorns have long been part of stories. Unicorns first appeared in stories around 2700 B.C. In older stories, unicorns had a short horn and the body of a goat. But modern-day fantasy stories depict unicorns with the body of a horse with a long horn on its forehead. The mythical creature has survived into the 21st century, with young girls (and some adults) collecting nostalgic unicorn items, t-shirts, books, toys, etc. What is it about this charming animal that seems to have a magical effect on them? Is it the unicorn's colorful mane? Whether you believe unicorns are real or not, here are a few fun facts about unicorns that both children and adults will like.

Mythology Facts

Untamable: Historical accounts tell us that if a unicorn is captured, it could never be tamed.

Divining Truth: Unicorns are a representation of truth. It's said that unicorns hold the power of truth and can use its horn to pierce the heart of a liar.

Purity: It is believed that unicorns are attracted to innocence and purity; hence, giving birth to the legend of the unicorn and a virgin. Legend states that a virgin sitting under a tree can capture a unicorn. The unicorn notices the virgin's beauty and purity and walks up to her to lays its head in her lap. After which, the hunter has a choice to either kill the unicorn or capture it.

Fun Facts

Children are curious little beings; they love asking questions. So, don't be surprised if your children start asking you about unicorns such as, "are unicorns real?" or "can they fly?" The next time your little girl asks unicorn-related questions, or if her friends are over for a sleepover, feel free to share these fun facts about the mythical creature:

There are four to five unicorns in a group that makes up an exuberant family. The eldest unicorn is hundreds of years old and is the head of the family. Other family members include a loving couple and one or two young unicorns.

Unicorns spend their lives in peace deep in the forest.

If two unicorn families meet, their hearts are filled with joy, and they travel together for weeks together before parting ways.

Like horses, unicorns may eat hay and grass. But sometimes they don't eat at all, and absorb energy from the sun, probably through the horn.

If these creatures develop wings, it's no longer called a unicorn; it's Pegasus.

Unicorns are mythical creatures that first appeared in stories around the 27th century B.C. These alluring animals represent purity, innocence, and divine truth. Their intuitive nature can spot a liar, and pierce his heart using its horn. Most girls in the United States are obsessed with unicorns for its beauty and captivating attributes.