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Leveraging the Web for Unicorn Fans (and Other Adventurers!)

When you first visit Tiny Fantasy Land, it might look like a very niche enterprise. That's the way that marketers and corporate types would describe it. They might even turn up their noses, claiming that this market is a “negligible” one from the perspective of massive shipping companies like Amazon.

However, we’re not Amazon, and we don't want to be! At Tiny Fantasy Land, we cater to customers who understand the value of personal expression and the convenience of getting personalized care and items to their homes in a fun and intriguing way.

The Power of Play

In today's fast-paced, high-tech society, many of us are simply stressed out. Nothing is very much fun anymore, from paying the bills to shopping massive e-commerce retailers to routine home-improvement. We want fun and playful tasks and experiences in our lives.

We've seen firsthand how our business, and others that demonstrate the power of play, fill a very real need for a big customer base and a big target audience. People don't just want to be corporate drones – they want personal experiences, and they want exciting and intriguing shopping experiences as well. That's part of why we created Tiny Fantasy Land to help people to enjoy shopping on the web!

A Compendium of Products

At Tiny Fantasy Land, you can get unicorn-themed accessories, bed sets, drinkware, jewelry, leggings, phone cases and more. You can get mermaid car accessories and shoes and purses. You can get all sorts of neat glam items to dress up your wardrobe, your car, your house and your home office or your office. We like the word “compendium,” because it’s an old word that conjures up that idea of a playful exploration, a set of merchandise you can root around in to find just what you’re looking for, having a lot of fun along the way!

Many of our customers started out just being curious about what we offer, and then started to accessorize to their hearts’ content using our convenient e-commerce store. So we actually do a good business and even more importantly, we enjoy it!

Unicorn Glam Boxes

Everybody loves a mystery, and that's what's behind the unicorn glam box which we deliver to customers around the 20th of each month.

Everyone's excited to see what they will get – check out videos on the site to learn more. It's another part of how we offer an exceptional experience in e-commerce. At Tiny Fantasy Land, we're not just like all of the other stores that are out there – as one of a number of imaginative and play-friendly businesses, we cater to customers of all ages who want to express themselves and become involved in this little niche industry! Check out what we have online to see if this kind of adventure is right for you or someone else in your family – our boxes and other stuff can be great gifts! Contact us with any questions – and happy shopping!