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The Benefits Offered by Subscription Boxes

Today, you can find virtually anything in a monthly subscription box. From meal delivery services to beauty sample boxes, and more, these companies deliver a huge selection of new and unique products right to your door every month, for a flat fee.

Most people love subscription boxes because of how convenient they are, and the excitement of getting something new each month. Also, with some boxes costing as little as $10 month, almost anyone can afford to splurge a little.

History of the Subscription Box Model

The first subscription box was introduced in 2010, when Birchbox launched their beauty sample box for just $10 per month. Since that time, the business model has grown and spread to virtually all types of products in existence today. In fact, there are thousands of different subscription box options, including one for unicorn lovers, writers, new parents, dogs, and more.

If you can think it, chances are there’s a subscription box for it.

The Many Advantages of Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are fun and convenient. According to a study regarding the psychology of these boxes, most people enjoy these thanks to the suspense of looking forward to each month’s new box and finding out what’s inside. The effect is similar to getting a birthday present each month – you don’t know what it is, but you know it’s coming.

When it comes to subscription boxes, there are other benefits too. These include:

Items Custom Selected for You

With most subscription boxes, the things you get each month are selected specially for you, based on your preferences and needs. This can be a huge appeal for people who may find it hard to buy items they like in the store, or those who don’t like shopping.

For some, knowing that the items in their box were selected for them increases the excitement of opening the box each month.


When you have items sent to you each month, you can reduce your shopping time. This is true for anything. From a favorite collectible to necessities, such as baby food and diapers. With a subscription box, you don’t have to take time out of your day to run from store to store.

Possible Savings

Having something new shipped to you via your subscription box is usually more affordable than having to purchase the items by themselves. There are some companies that even provide discounts if you sign up for a three-, six- or 12-month period, rather than paying month-by-month.

How to Tell if a Subscription Box is a Good Deal

With so many subscription boxes to choose from, it is hard to say they are all great deals, or that they never are. You have to look at each box to determine its value, which is based on things like the cost, rules for the subscription, cancellation policy, and contents.

However, there’s no question that getting something exciting and new in the month is appealing. Check out all the options to find the subscription box that’s right for you.